I was born in the Mallee, northwestern Victoria and grew up on a broad acre wheat and sheep farm. My closest town was Tempy, where I went to primary school and later to Ouyen and a boarding school in Ballarat for my secondary education.

For 35 years I worked as a teacher, and in retirement decided to pursue my writing. I am currently studying Professional Writing and Copyediting at RMIT, Melbourne. My stories have been published on the ABC News and Pearls and Irritations, John Menadue’s Public Policy Journal.

A favourite research project is tracking the life of my Great Aunt Ellen who arrived in Australia in 1854. One hundred years before I was born. I have documented my research on the Finding Ellen page.

Recently, my husband Ted and I, completed a 44 page colour booklet about Ted’s grandparents, Gus Jaensch and Nell Murphy. We launched the book at a reunion of the Jaensch descendants and it was both humbling and affirming to see that our research and writing had provided a lasting record of a remarkable couple.

Front cover. Photo of the original Jaensch home site.